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Tarot for Creative Writing: Minor Arcana

1. Feeding the Knight of Pentacles

Reaching across to the shelf I pick out the usual two tins. One for her and one for him. I turn, select an apostle, dig out the oddly smelling meats and serve them into two bowls. 

Picking up the syringe I draw 1.5ml of sugary sweet liquid out of the jar sitting on the sill. I squeeze it upon her meat.

His meat gets placed on the floor near the bin. She races forward on through the door ahead of me. 

She’s needy, requesting hand feeding. Licking at the sticky liquid and meat slipping through my fingers. Bit by bit she slowly eats, and even more slowly starts to shift and change. From small and sleek, to tall, leggy, and strong. A stead before me like those of legend told at bedtime.

We’ve been together a long time; this moment has been in our dreams. Without a sound I know what to do. I reach up grasping between shoulder blades and pull myself up across her back.

She is getting old and no longer has the ability to travel very far. This is our opportunity to explore the lands beyond the windows we peek out of together. Our chance to race through fields, forests, pausing briefly on craggy rock formations before galloping into the distance.


2. A Journey with the Five of Swords, Ten of Pentacles and Seven of Swords

After war comes the scavengers, the men who come to loot and pick up the pieces from those that have fallen.

Some think of them as vultures but in reality, these are the inventives, those finding ways to survive.

The swords they drag from muddy sand banks can be smelted and turned into objects for other’s homes. The plates, the cups, the mundane objects that give little glimpses of comfort. Items that remind of better times, where people lived in close quarters as friends. Where they shared their wealth of happiness over tables groaning with food and floral garlands.

In these new times, the so-called vultures seem to remind us how precious these things are. And how quickly, if we let things descend, thieves and murderers can sneak over hidden lines, disrupting harmony, shaking what was once thought of as solid ground.


3. The King of Pentacles


He sits atop 

An anvil of a throne


An overseer

Of production




Gold becomes molten



A type of growth

That could become

A towering of




We are making

And if we’re not careful

Become bulls rushing

Not thinking

In front of our


And workstations


With the ever watchful

First of our maker fathers

The King of Pentacles


Online Workshop : Tarot for Creative Writing: Minor Arcana : Run by Kym Deyn : Hosted by The Portico Library. 27 Jan 2021.


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