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Automatic writing piece created whilst participating in a Signal Films & Media Creative Writing Group session. Tuesday 30 October as part of Doremi2018. Of the industrial the infrastructure of this town that a lot call home That builds and unbuilds around us all And changes morphing growing  almost breathing A deep sigh a sound a sight from far away  and yet so close  To the wheels in the mud that twist and turn and clog with stones to stop it moving on Over the shoreline picking its way over the oyster shells crushed into the ground which make a strangely satisfying sound Tyres clogged with mud through which screws are sent in circles twisting  circling Wheels over sand past the built  structures frames Scaffolding  towering over the small wheels spinning twisting Tracks created in the sand through which others have travelled through which others will travel Tracks are built and found washed asunder by the water Dock