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Reflections on Participating in the Artists’ International Delegation 2018, Budapest: Dialogue, discussion, debate, and discourse

dialogue Noun 1               A conversation between two or more people as a feature in a book, play or film. 1.1           A discussion between two or more people or groups, especially one directed towards exploration of a particular subject or resolution of a problem. The delegation bought together a group of nine artists, myself included, and one writer, all hailing from the North West of England. The conversations we were to have were shaped by the remit of the original call out and application process, namely; to share strategies for, and insight into sustaining artistic practices in the face of political, social or economic challenges. This was to be our dialogue. Though the topic and purpose were clearly framed by the organisers, within that each delegation member bought their own agenda and knowledge to the delegation. A very packed and carefully selected timetable for the delegation saw us meet a great variety of people working withi