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Representing the Northern North West

From the outset I am going to state that a lot of this post is based on assumptions or limited information. However, this writing is being used as an opportunity to lay out some thoughts prior to setting off to Budapest. I fully expect the majority, if not all, of my assumptions to be challenged by the time I return home and reflecting on this post will be a useful exercise. As I don’t know any of the other delegates who will be traveling to Budapest, I turned to an internet search engine to see what I could find out about my traveling companions as part of my preparatory work for the trip. As a group it looks like we have a wide range of interests and cover a diverse spectrum of art disciplines which is wonderful to see and I am very much looking forward to learning more about everyone’s individual practice. What I find more interesting, in that it relates more closely to my reasons for applying for the delegation, is that we don’t represent a wide geographical coverage

Preparation Budapest

One of the activities chosen prior to setting off on the a-n / Castlefield Budapest artist delegation 2018 is a suggested reading exchange. Everyone who will be part of the delegation has chosen a text, or in my case a video, that at least one other person will study ready for discussion on the train journey. I have chosen three pieces from the reading list:    Letter from Budapest, The Castle and the City, Maya and Ruben Fowkes, Art Monthly No. 412 Journey by Moonlight, Antal Szerb Selling out or buying in?: Looking at artists + their merch as an act of self-support, Human Poney, I may come back to these texts in more detail later but today I am focusing on one small extract from the Art Monthly article that resonates with an aspect of why I submitted for the delegation: ‘Neo-avant-garde practices are indeed the main agenda for these galleries, with ACB, Kisterem and Vintage now regularly organising collaborative presentations on the internation