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Press and Expectations

Suspended was the first time, in a long time, that I had worked on a project with a subject that wasn’t of my own choosing. It presented some interesting challenges and one that I’ve spent some time thinking about is the effect that working with a particular theme, in this case flooding, had on the audiences’ expectations of my work for the residency. Throughout the coverage of the flooding, and this applies to both the floods that took place in Carlisle, certain types of imagery and words are repeated in the media and become symbolic of our common understanding and shared experiences of flooding. This focus on certain images and words was also reflected in the information that was published by the press throughout the residency. Shown in the image above is a screen shot of an article by the BBC and a few leading lines from some other press articles. The BBC will have been issued with some photographs of the art work to be shown for the Immersion/Emergence residency

Taking the Train

  Budapest Keleti Railway Station I am so excited to say that I will be taking a train across Europe and heading for Budapest as part of an a-n / Castlefield artist delegation. I intend to blog during and after the trip as a way of documenting the journey and experience. The below is taken from the a-n / Castlefield participants announcement:   'Castlefield Gallery is pleased to announce that a delegation of artists from Manchester and the North West will travel to Budapest to meet with artist-led projects and experience the Hungarian capital’s grassroots art scene, traveling overland via Munich. The trip will take place between 17 – 24 March 2018 and is being made possible thanks to eight funded places supported by Castlefield Gallery’s Lee Artists’ International Bursary Fund and a-n The Artists Information Company. The eight successful artists selected to be part of the delegation are: Jamie Allan, Olivia Glasser, Grace Harrison, Laura Harrison, Lucy

Suspended Released

I find it so difficult to document my exhibitions, darkness does not make it very easy. I'm so indebted to Michael Coombs for coming to the show to take these fantastic shots.   Suspended, Old Fire Station Carlisle, Laura M R Harrison, November 2017   Suspended, Old Fire Station Carlisle, Laura M R Harrison, November 2017