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Bisecting Thresholds

  Also taken from my presentation given at Tullie House, Tuesday 17 October:   Unlike previous projects, where for the most part my waterproof video camera was fully submerged, throughout this project I have been focusing on the surface with the intention that the camera simultaneously records footage above and below the water.  By focusing on the surface, the idea is that water can be examined as a threshold, liminal or transitional point as highlighted in the following quote and which echoes the approach to the concepts [flooding, lostness, water & darkness] investigated within this project : ‘The lure of [the threshold] lies partly in the infinite possibilities...partly in the tease of being made to pause on the brink, at the moment between things, a moment when clarity [and] definition...are just beyond grasp; partly in the fascination of transitional spaces; and partly in the risk, even unease, underlying moments of transition, and the excitement o

Three Wise Men of Darkness

Adam Barkman:   ‘…exploring ways to illustrate positive darkness…is badly needed in a world that largely sees darkness … as … metaphorically evil.’  Erazim Kohak:   ‘ Philosophy needs to recover the darkness that comes not as a menacing stranger but as a gift of the night, the time of philosophising. ’   David Macauley:   ‘[Darkness can] be evoked, experienced and transfigured creatively through the medium of poetic and phenomenological language, artistic representation, and, most significantly, explorations by those emboldened enough to venture regularly into its embrace.’  

Exhibition Spaces

 Extract taken from my presentation given at Tullie House, Tuesday 17 October: The unused, perhaps forgotten and generally a little unloved spaces I use for exhibiting are like blank canvases, yet not in the same way as a more traditional white cube gallery space. These spaces tend not to have a prior history relating to art or art making, and while they would have been used for something at some point, their original purpose may not be immediately obvious. These places are between things, in limbo, they have little if any identity and may be on the edge of becoming or even ceasing to be.  These places have a lostness all of their own, full of an unknown future and to me, they seem on the brink of so many possibilities. Once darkened these spaces also provide a way of creating an experience of darkness unlike that we experience in normal art galleries. It is quite common to see video works displayed in dark rooms however, the dark is often a means to an end a

Presentation Event

The proposed schedule for Tuesday 17 October's presentations at Tullie House is below. I believe this is what we are still working to. You will even get time for a drink or two! Don't forget to book your place by ringing 01228 618700 or popping to Tullie House reception. 7:00 - Doors open 7:30 - Introduction to residency - Mark Wilson 7:45 - Presentation - John Dumett 8:30 - Break 8:45 - Presentation - Laura Harrison 9:30 - Q&A / open discussion - Mark, John & Laura 10:00 - Finish 10:30 - Bar closes Two artists inspired by the effects of Storm Desmond are preparing to reveal more details of their work which will be displayed in a venue badly damaged by the events of December 2015. The University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts and Carlisle City Council with support from the Arts Council England launched the scheme in January 2017 and received 28 applications for the two posts. Seven artists were selected and funded to develop their proposal