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Material Echoes

Material Echoes Study for Jump , 1998  This study was part of a set that were fore runners to Jum p, a light box installation submitted as part of my A'level assessment in 1999. Light sketch, November 2013 The set of sketches that this was part of didn't really result in anything at the time however, they did get me through a difficult patch in the first year of my MA. Some days materials seem to resonate. To echo through the process of making work, through the trial and error of art making. This week it is lighting gel. I'm still using pieces from a batch that has been in my possession since 1997. The current shape is an experimentation that may or may not prove to be useful. Whatever happens with it, once again it is helping me think through making.   

Velella Projection

Velella Projection fractured     darkness    velella        projection         suspension     fragmentation           stasis        geodesic     rotation       experimentation        complexity    space       monochrome                 sphere         fluidity       drifting        exploration    flood       possibility         lacuna           darkness pause...

All Quiet

All Quiet 'If the people around you need quiet, give it to them. It's more rewarding.' Indirect quote from Louwrien Wijers via Sykpe at seeing Beyond the Immediate symposium, 15 June 2017. For more details about the symposium please see the below link:  

Residency Information

Residency Information If you would like to know more about the Immergence/Emergence residency please see the below links. (I am learning that it’s okay not to spend time duplicating information in my own words when the information is already out there): Residency launch: Residency shortlist announced: Residency winners announced:

Thinking Through Writing

Thinking Through Writing So I’ve been looking at this blog page for a number of weeks now. Nothing has happened. It has been blank for too long. As part of the residency I’m on I’ve rightly been asked to connect with the wider public and I thought a blog would be a way of doing just that. Then I started to think too much. What is this blog? How should I be writing? What is it I want to share with the wider world and an internet audience? What is it about my art practice that I want to discuss or think about through writing? Artists are often required to write however, I don’t feel like a natural and even though writing is something I would like to get better at the thought of it isn’t get much easier. I have attempted to write several posts already and they have become unruly and unwieldy beasts; a sprawl of words I can’t make sense of. So rather than the more formal approach I initially focused on I’ve decided to approach this page in a different way. This is