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Retaining Not Knowing: Work in progress and work yet to be made

  ONE: A group of three modroc rocks. The face of the largest is shaped like a tarot card. There is a hole in the surface out of which grey plaster forms appear to have tumbled.   I struggle to articulate these rocks, what it means for them to be almost theatrical, like stage props for a community production. However, I have felt the need to work with my hands, to turn away from the digital, and be more physically present with and in my work. On the surface of the rocks, you can almost see where my hands have been, where the grey plaster has been wiped across before setting. The largest of the rocks is shaped in a particular way, an echo of blank tarot cards in another piece of work. Tarot, a form of divination. In the film the blank cards are being dealt and turned over. Outwardly, or perhaps at first glance, the cards appear to tell you nothing. In the case of this rock, I also think of blank stone tablets waiting for language to be inscribed upon them. The forms that tumble fr
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Tarot for Creative Writing: Minor Arcana

1. Feeding the Knight of Pentacles Reaching across to the shelf I pick out the usual two tins. One for her and one for him. I turn, select an apostle, dig out the oddly smelling meats and serve them into two bowls.  Picking up the syringe I draw 1.5ml of sugary sweet liquid out of the jar sitting on the sill. I squeeze it upon her meat. His meat gets placed on the floor near the bin. She races forward on through the door ahead of me.  She’s needy, requesting hand feeding. Licking at the sticky liquid and meat slipping through my fingers. Bit by bit she slowly eats, and even more slowly starts to shift and change. From small and sleek, to tall, leggy, and strong. A stead before me like those of legend told at bedtime. We’ve been together a long time; this moment has been in our dreams. Without a sound I know what to do. I reach up grasping between shoulder blades and pull myself up across her back. She is getting old and no longer has the ability to travel very far. Th

Tarot for Creative Writing: Major Arcana

  1. Image Men like monkeys (though that’s not fair on monkeys), hunched up in a line almost ready for a firing squad. They squint at the task in front of them, one they have seen over and over again. Gone are the days where they can see the work with fresh eyes. Apart from one. This man has learnt the art of staring into the middle distance. The space between where things become grey and start to collide. This grey, this middle ground gives new colour to the gems and metals on the bench before him. He keeps this a secret. Something special that he holds close to his mind. The thing that he feels separates him from the ever-running treadmill of time and the need for hard coin. The others see him as somewhat slow, perhaps even queer. But his work was of the finest quality, highly prized, an understanding of the subtlety of the stones being worked.    2. The Lovers Standing on the inner crust of the earth, feet bare, only just avoiding a volcanic overflow, two h